Local woods, A story of life, death and renewal

Photo's often tell a story, one which is the photographers creation.  Below are 4 images,  two taken in March and two in May.   Both show the same wood but the way the images have been photographed, the time of day they were shot and then finally, the way they have been edited is all a way to enhance the story.

May woods

The top photo, was shot in the early evening, the sun shines through the trees, the image below, was shot on a misty morning, with the sun trying to break through.  I have enhanced the colours and clarity in the top image, whilst desaturating the image below.  Finally, the top image is shot close up, showing all the plant life, whilst with the image below,  has been kept wide, most of the trees are bare and the mist gives the image a spooky feeling. 

March wood

It is amazing just what a difference a few months make.  

March trees

The next two images, show the same contrast as the first two but whilst the bottom image shows all the colour, it also shows the stump of a long dead tree, it is a contrast of new life and death.  Of course, the bluebells will only last a short time before they wither away.  Of course their job will have done and we will see more bluebells again next year.  The above image, shows the trees almost lifeless but each year, the leaves come back, this has been happening for hundreds of years, but eventually they will die, maybe cut down, like the tree below.  It is the story of life.

life and death