Great modern female photographer

 Traditionally, photography has been a male dominated industry but there have been many great female photographers, such as Margaret Bourke-White, Dorothea Lange and more recently Annie Leibovitz, who is one of the most famous and successful photographers in the world.

There are many other great current female photographers, who's work I love. So I thought I would place some links to their websites for you to see.

One thing you will see with all the photographers listed are their ability to create a fully formed image, where it isn't just the photography that is good. The styling, hair and make up and hint or sense of story are just as important to the image.

Kirsty Mitchell is one of my favourite photographers, though she herself does not describe herself as a photographer. She has a fashion background and this can be seen in her images, which are stunning:

Zhang Jingna is another photographer who's work I have loved for several years. Her style of photography has developed over the years and is generally very clean. It is very fashion based but done extremely well:

Very much a rising talent in the photography work Dixie Dixon, is a great photographer. She is very knowledgeable about her photography but also studied business at university and this is extremely important for most photographers:

Sue Bryce is another wonderful photographer who's work stands out against the crowd, her work has amazing atmosphere and she is able to bring the best out of her subjects:

Most of the photographers you see her are very much fashion based. Lottie Davies has the same clean feel many of the fashion photographers but her work has an added artistic quality but listening to her talk at The Photography Show she sees herself very much as a working photographer who does award winning photography and not as an artistic photographer:

Amani Alshaali creates some wonderful atmospheric imagery:

Natalie Dybisz is one half of Miss Aniela, a fine-art/fashion/commercial photography team. As with most of the photographers you will see, the work feels very clean but has a lot of imagination and creates an image that lets you into a small world of the photographers creation:

Lara Jade is another exciting young talent who has been making waves over the last few years. I see her work as similar in style to Zhang Jingna but that is to take nothing way from her ability:

Last but definitely not least is Linsday Adler. One of the most creative photographers of this generation she does wonderful photographer, using colour and atmosphere. Her works are a joy to view:

I am sure I have only just touched the surface when it comes to female talent and you will notice that many of the photographers I have highlighted shoot a fashion style of photography. They are all slightly different from each other though but they bring equal amounts of quality to their work.